2. fotografia di Paul McDonough, se sei in cerca di un (altro) photoblog da seguire KROUTCHEV PLANET PHOTO potrebbe fare al caso tuo …


  3. Thank You Steve



    This is my favorite photo of Steve Jobs. Leaning forward to connect with his wife after his keynote presentation at the 2011 WWDC. You can almost feel the relief and accomplishment radiating from him.

    When I see this photo, I see a man who bent every fiber of his will toward a goal so lofty, so seemingly unattainable that no one thought it was possible, and at the end of that race, with the task completed, he closed his eyes and rested.

    Thank you Steve. I’ll miss you.


    (Fonte: aaronmahnke)


  4. fumettidccomics:

    Bruce Timm.


  5. via Luesma Vega - Poble Espanyol, Barcelona


  6. Leonardo, Rafaelo, Donattelo, Michelangelo. Et Splinter.

    T shirt ici

    anche questa maglietta non sarebbe male :-P



  8. il mare d’inverno - by GIPI