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  5. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.
    —  Martin Luther King Jr.

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    { From the valley to the urban altitudes } • My daily path to the crowded city.




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    springtime for H and Germany.


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    Mural Painting “The Eye of Wynwood” in Wynwood, Art Basel 2013, MIami.

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  12. La civiltà vuole che si auguri il buon giorno a uno che volentieri si manderebbe al diavolo; ed essere bene educati vuol dire appunto esser commedianti.
    — Luigi Pirandello – L’uomo, la bestia e la virtù (1919)

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    By ‘michaellarkin44’ on instagram: Thank you 2013 race bikes for all your hard work. Can’t wait for for 2014! #pikespeakhillclimb #akrapovic #iducati #instacool #localmotors #af1racingaustin #mickydymond #multistrada #multistrada1200 http://ift.tt/1iQrOjm
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